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Using this proxy:

What does this site do?

Do you hate it when proxy directories send you to fake proxy sites? This one won't. We've scoured the internet to collect all the proxy sites we can find. Now we're going through them one by one to get rid of the fake ones.

Sites that are listed as 'Highly Recommended' will NOT open up SPAM, redirect you, pop-up ads or anything untoward when you visit and click on the page.

Our other listings have yet to be checked; please be patient, we're doing this by hand for you guys.

Optionally, enter a URL (http://www.facebook.com) into the "Connect me with a proxy that will take me to..." box, and then select a proxy to use. If the proxy you selected supports our address forwarding service, you'll be automatically taken to the proxy of your choice and have the web address of your desired site filled in for you. If the proxy you choose doesn't, then you'll just get taken to the proxy homepage. No big whoop. There's no need to fill in the address you're trying to navigate to if you don't want to. NOTE: It won't get encrypted between our website and the proxy website.

Start your own proxy, choose the best Proxy Hosting site.

Submit A Listing

If we missed a proxy, please mail us [ submit(at)cantspotme.com ] to add it. Keep in mind that if there is no link back to us, your proxy will not be listed. All submissions will go into our "to check" category and are added manually. There are no paid submissions to get ad filled proxies into our "Highly Recommended" category.


Whoah. As you can see, we don't have any ads on our site, nor do we intend on putting any there. Nor do we use pop-unders/javascript/pop-ups/whatever. Our revenue comes from already "Highly Recommended" proxies paying to get higher up our "Highly Recommended" listings and into our random generator of "Random (Highly Recommended) Proxy". We can guarantee a place in our "Random" generator for just $2 per month, with the promise that we'll never sell more than 20 places. Appearance in our "Highly Recommended" listings is priced on a sliding scale. Please email us for more information.

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